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The Czech Republic Introduces New Restrictions on Gambling Bonuses and Free bets

Gambling in the Czech Republic has seen much change over the last few years – up until 2016, the countries online gambling scene was largely unregulated and companies were making huge profits hand over fist. Earlier attempts by the government and finance minister Andrej Babis tried to increase corporation tax to minimise the profits gaming companies could make whilst also giving a boost to the Czech economy.

Today, however, the Czech government is taking a different approach and instead of imposing profit minimising regulations, they are aiming to reduce the allure of gambling and reduce the amount spent by its citizens. To do this they are imposing bans on bonus offers and promotions relating to online gambling wagers. In effect, gambling companies will no longer be able to offer welcome offers to new customers, free bets, or even refunds in the form of free bets.

So how will this affect online gambling in the Czech Republic? Theoretically, it should decrease the amount spent on gambling, and cause a reduction in the amount of newly registered accounts. Without bonus offers and free bets, potential customers may be less inclined to create an account to gamble, and existing customers may be inclined to spend less.

As the Czech Republic government continues to introduce legislation, improve consumer protection and curtail profits from gambling, the next few years are certainly going to be interesting for gaming companies as they try and adjust.    

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