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Sarah Harrison Points out Sexist Practices at This Year’s ICE Event

Last week, the annual ICE Totally Gaming conference put on one of the best shows so far. Hundreds of gaming companies from all sectors showed up for the three-day event; everyone that had something to display was there, from online casino sites to lottery firms.

Sarah Harrison Points out Sexist Practices at This Year's ICE Event

However, the conference wasn’t without any controversies. In fact, during the opening day Sarah Harrison, the chief executive of the UK Gambling Commission, pointed out sexist practices of some the companies.

She said, “The men were wearing smart suits and women were being asked to wear not much more than swimsuits. That’s totally unacceptable; it’s not reflective of the modern economy.”

Sarah further added, “This isn’t about political correctness. It’s about good regulation and good governance because businesses that have a more diverse workforce are more likely to make better decisions. And that’s critical from a regulator’s point of view.”

Finally, Harrison concluded that if the event doesn’t make changes in the future, the UK Gambling Commission will boycott it.

Of course, the ICE officials disagreed with these accusations. The managing director of ICE London, Kate Chambers, acknowledged that some companies are at fault, but the vast majority are not oversexualising women. Kate also added that the ICE officials encouraged companies not to act this way.

A time of changes

This news comes after the UK gambling industry received a series of criticism. Recently, the Gambling Commission and other authorities pointed out some bad practices of the gambling companies, and proposed some changes.

For example, the commission was mad at the lack of gambling commercial regulations and proposed harsher punishments for ad violations. They also ordered three casino websites to remove unfair promotions and change their requirements policies.

Whether Sarah’s words reached anyone, we won’t know until the next year’s conference. However, in the past couple of months, the gambling industry changed for the better. So, let’s hope that the ICE organisers will follow in the same footsteps.

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