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The UK Gambling Commission Fines William Hill for £6.2 Million

William Hill, one of the most prominent UK casino sites and gambling operator, received a whopping £6.2 million fine. The UK Gambling Commission punished the casino because they failed to spot and prevent money-laundering operations on their platform.

The Commission claims that William Hill accepted payments linked to criminal activities. These payments came from ten individuals over the period of two years. One of these users is Mark Conway, who stole over £1 million from the Dundee City Council.

The Commission placed a £6.2 million fine after concluding that William Hill profited £1.2 million from these transactions. The other £5 million is the penalty for breaking the UK gambling laws.

Statements from the officials

The UK Gambling Commission Fines William Hill for £6.2 Million

UK Gambling Commission’ executive director Tim Miller issued a statement following the William Hill ruling.

He said, “In many respects, this wasn’t properly resourced or staffed, so a lot of the checks weren’t happening. People were potentially able to gamble money that was the proceeds of crime. In one case, money stolen from a local council. There were clear warning signs; the escalating amount of money that was being spent should have set off alarm bells.”

Of course, William Hill’s officials didn’t remain silent during this fiasco.

Philip Bowcock, their chief executive, said, “William Hill has fully co-operated with the commission throughout this process, introducing new and improved policies and increased levels of resourcing. We have also committed to an independent process review and will work to implement any recommendations that emerge from that review.”

This is the second highest fine this regulatory body has issued. The biggest one was against another well-known gambling operator, 888. They received a £7.8 million penalty because they failed to prevent compulsive gamblers from returning to the platform. In 888’s case, 7,000 gambling addicts were able to reactivate their accounts despite voluntarily removing themselves from their services.

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