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William Hill Made a £500,000 Contribution to the Dundee City Council

William Hill, one of the most notable UK casino sites, made a payment of £500,000 to the Dundee City Council. The amount was issued because Mark Conway, a former city council member, gambled a significant portion of stolen £1 million at William Hill Casino.

William Hill Made a £500,000 Contribution to the Dundee City Council

Even though the Dundee City Council has acknowledged that the payment dates to December 2017, they didn’t want to reveal which gambling operator was behind it. However, last week, Dundee’s Courier came out with the information that it was William Hill.

Curiously, William Hill was not under any legal obligation to pay this amount. Instead, they made a contribution voluntarily. However, most experts agree that William Hill made this step to avoid punishment from the UK Gambling Commission.

Conway’s case

Mark worked as an IT expert at the Dundee City Council. Over a period of seven years, Conway managed to steal approximately £1 million from his workplace. He slowly siphoned away the money to his personal bank account, hoping to repay his gambling debts. Mark then proceeded to gamble at William Hill Casino with this money, losing somewhere around £500,000. Late last year, Conway received five years and four months in prison.

However, some people and organisations don’t just blame Conway for this incident. Of course, he is the guilty one and should receive punishment for his actions. But this could’ve been all avoided if William Hill prevented him from gambling. Conway’s gambling history clearly indicates that he is an addict, and William Hill should have acted after seeing him spend more than half a million pounds.

Responsible gambling organisations always remind UK gambling operators to act pre-emptively if they spot excessive spending and gambling. Unfortunately, we don’t see that often because let’s face it, gamblers like Conway are their biggest customers.

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