What Is a Dream Catcher Strategy and How to Use One?

by D.Djokic • June 11, 2021
What Is a Dream Catcher Strategy and How to Use One?

The world of casino games is an ever-changing arena, and gaming providers work tirelessly on coming up with fresh ideas and creative releases. Dream Catcher ranks among the most popular new games, even though it stepped onto the scene only a couple of years ago.

Exciting and fast-paced, Dream Catcher is a game that can also yield massive returns. But to grab those life-changing rewards, you’ll need an efficient Dream Catcher strategy.

Our comprehensive guide will steer you in the right direction and show the tactics that can bring you closer to winning on Dream Catcher. Let’s check them out.

Six Quick Facts About Dream Catcher

  • Evolution Gaming released Dream Catcher during a gaming event in 2017.
  • Dream Catcher combines the elements of a game show with a money wheel.
  • The wheel comprises 54 segments with numbers that show the payouts.
  • Besides the numbered segments, the wheel also has two multipliers (2x and 7x).
  • Consecutive multipliers can stack up the winnings to reach staggering heights.
  • Dream Catcher live games come in HD quality and with friendly dealers.

Besides showing the best strategies, our guide will first explain to the uninitiated how to play Dream Catcher. In other words, we’ll start from the basics and make our way to elaborate betting patterns and money management tactics. By doing so, players will get a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and improve their long-term winning chances.

Before we proceed, let’s see what Dream Catcher is and what makes the game appealing to millions of players worldwide.

What Is Dream Catcher?

The renowned provider Evolution Gaming released an online casino game Dream Catcher in 2017. As a next-generation game, Dream Catcher combines game show atmosphere with a money prize wheel.

Besides Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live is another game with similar mechanics and almost identical concept. That’s why we’ll mention it alongside Dream Catcher and compare their features.

In essence, Dream Catcher features an oversized, vertically positioned wheel and a betting area. A dealer or an attendant spins the wheel and animates players by engaging in friendly banter. For that reason, Dream Catcher differs from the traditional notion of casino games.

If you want to play Dream Catcher, live casino sections on the best UK casino sites will be more than happy to see you. Nevertheless, it’s essential to learn how to play before jumping into action.

By understanding the intricacies of Dream Catcher, you’ll be on the right way to collect hefty returns. After all, most players visit online casinos to play for real money. Here are the basics of playing Dream Catcher.

How to Play Dream Catcher

Although the flashy lights might intimidate novice players, Dream Catcher comes with straightforward gameplay. Still, players need to follow several rules when playing the game at the best casinos.

One round on the Dream Catcher lasts approximately 45 seconds, including bet placement and the actual wheel spin. In total, the wheel comprises 54 segments, and you can place wagers on any of those. Of course, various bet placement tactics are at your disposal, but we’ll focus more on the Dream Catcher wheel strategy in the upcoming chapters.

In any case, betting on Dream Catcher starts by selecting one or more numbers in the betting area. These numbers correlate to the segments on the wheel. Precisely, Dream Catcher features only six numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Once the wheel stops on one of these values, multiply the stake by the number to see how much you’ll win.

Ideally, you would multiply the wager by 40 every time a dealer spins the wheel. However, casinos are not charities, and they have reduced players’ winning chances by placing only one number 40 on the wheel. Naturally, this aspect plays a crucial role in making a Dream Catcher strategy.

Likewise, you’ll only find two 20s and four 10s on the wheel. Conversely, low-value numbers cover more segments. For instance, the number 5 appears seven times while the number 2 holds 15 sections. In the end, we get to number 1 that covers 23 segments on the Dream Catcher wheel.

Aside from the numbered sections, the money wheel also features two multipliers, 2x and 7x. As their name implies, these segments will boost your winnings, either doubling or multiplying them by seven. Multipliers are also vital for making a profitable Dream Catcher casino strategy.

Best of all, the game allows for stacked multipliers because the wheel can repeatedly stop on these segments. For example, if it lands two times on the 7x section, the casino will multiply your stake by 49 (7×7).

In a way, stacked multipliers hold the key for life-altering winnings on Dream Catcher. Then again, the odds of hitting four or five multipliers in a row are slim. For that reason, we should look into other strategies and techniques that can yield positive returns.

How to Win Money on Dream Catcher

As we said, Dream Catcher can provide staggering rewards thanks to the option of stacked multipliers. Believe it or not, prizes can reach tens of thousands of pounds. The payout potential makes Dream Catcher an enticing option for many players on the hunt for hefty returns. At the same time, the glamorous gameplay is alluring as well.

Even so, players need to understand that no Evolution Gaming Dream Catcher strategy can guarantee winnings. Like most other casino games, Dream Catcher relies on a Random Number Generator to provide the outcome. Thus, every spin is independent and unpredictable, with results that do not correlate with the previous rounds.

How to make a plan for winning on Dream Catcher? The secret lies in covering a portion of the wheel and thus improving the odds. Experts refer to this system as spread betting. Of course, players can choose various blueprints on how to play Dream Catcher and how to place chips.

For example, one of the safest options would be to play only on the yellow and blue numbers (1 and 2). By doing so, you would have a 70% wheel coverage, with 38 segments that could yield a payout. Admittedly, this approach leads to low-value returns, but the winnings will appear more frequently. So, if you are a fan of the slow and steady philosophy, consider applying this plan to your Dream Catcher sessions.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the aggressive tactics, such as the red and orange Dream Catcher strategy. As the name says, this plan requires you to place chips exclusively on 20 and 40. With only three segments on the wheel, you’ll have a coverage of only 5.5%. In translation, the house edge skyrockets to 94.45%.

Naturally, this approach requires patience since the winnings could appear once in a blue moon. But once the lightning strikes, you could be in for a treat.

If you decide to employ the go big or go home principle, remember that betting on red and hitting a 7x multiplier could lead to returns of 280x your stake. Even placing the chips on orange and striking a 7x multiplier results in 180x your stake!

What Is the Best Dream Catcher Strategy?

We previously explained two directions you could take when playing the Dream Catcher at UK online casinos. Players could either take the safe road or opt for the high risk-high reward approach. However, both strategies are extremes.

For that reason, many combine safe and risky, i.e., take the middle road. Namely, most experts agree that betting on 1, 2, and 20 offers the best odds because you cover a vast area of the wheel. Simultaneously, 20 acts as a high-value number, boosting the winnings if the wheel stops on this segment. So, you get the best of both worlds by choosing this specific Dream Catcher casino strategy.

A balanced approach is advisable in many areas of life, and Dream Catcher is no exception. Even so, it all depends on your playing style and preferences. What works for some players might not be ideal for others. Thus, the key is in experimenting and trying out different strategies.

Even the famous money management systems, such as the Martingale system, can yield long-term profits on Dream Catcher. However, the house edge will always lean the odds in the casino’s favour.


As you could see, finding the most effective Dream Catcher strategy can be a tricky task because the game offers a lot of options. With so many variables at play, the choice can be overwhelming.

Therefore, the best course of action would be to experiment with different tactics. Players should try out various strategies to see what aligns best with their preferences and wagering style. But whether you opt for a risky or cautious approach, Dream Catcher is all about having fun, so don’t forget to enjoy the game.