Best Online Casino Sites UK – 2018 

The UK online gambling industry is growing exponentially, with new casino sites being opened non-stop. While the UK Gambling Commission and other credible gambling agencies ensure that all casinos are legitimate, they can’t help you decide whether an operator is worth your time or not. That is where our in-depth and unbiased casino reviews can help you.

We review the best and the worst casino sites that are available to UK players and rate them based on their performance. So, if you want to find out which operators feature top-notch gambling experience backed up by a trusted and reliable software, check out the list below.

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Can YOU Find the Best Casino Sites UK?

Years ago, when the only places to gamble were brick-and-mortar casinos, it was relatively easy to choose a decent place to try your luck.

Just by knowing the neighbourhood, you could guess with reasonable accuracy how good or bad the casino would be.

In fact, the difficult part was finding a casino. Judging it was easy.

Two minutes in and you would be already certain.

After years of gambling, recognising a trustworthy locale becomes more than intuition; it grows into practical knowledge.

But then online casinos started sprouting like autumn mushrooms, and things changed dramatically.

If you were to conduct a quick Google search on online casino sites, you’d get millions of results. Now that’s the easy – and confusing – part.

The Gambling Commission does a good job by maintaining a reputable list of good UK casino sites, but a single regulator can do only that much in the rapidly expanding and constantly changing world of online gambling.

Even refining the search to online casinos, UK, would not help much in determining which are the best online casinos and that is the real issue.

So many online casino sites appear constantly that it takes special effort and focused research on finding out where is safe to bet, which games to choose and to know how withdrawals are handled.

You cannot judge an online gambling site based on its neighbourhood, nor can you walk in and get a good feeling about it. Most gambling websites are polished enough to make a decent first impression.

Reading online casino reviews helps even though many review sites receive hefty commissions to provide feedback, which can skewer the disposition.

That’s why we chose to approach the casinos incognito, trying to provide the best online casino reviews.

The Review Process

Our approach is slightly different than the industry standard.

We strive to present a thorough picture through objective online casino reviews and ratings, by approaching the gambling sites as a player would.

Using a moderately powerful computer, we register with a small bankroll, collect the promised bonuses, install the necessary software and test the most popular games, before submitting a withdrawal request.

Extensive incognito testing allows us to view each casino through the eyes of a player and to provide honest, impartial reviews. 

We play slots, Black Jack, poker and roulette to see how well the casino app responds, what bandwidth and computing power it needs and how is the player base of the casino. We check the overall number of games and their variety, too.

Then we use at least two withdrawal methods to determine the level of customer service and efficiency. Usually, one withdrawal is made to a debit or credit card, and the other is either to an e-wallet or direct bank transfer. Occasionally, we test all of the above.

Probably the most boring part of our review process is the reading of the terms of service, but someone has to read these things, right?

Only after a casino is approved by our reviewers, we request an affiliate link and take the liberty of posting it here.

The presence of license to operate within the UK does not influence the final score of our reviews for one simple reason: casinos without a license from the Gambling Commission do not feature on

Responsible Gambling

Before drawing the final conclusion, we examine how much the UK online casinos promote and adhere to responsible gaming practices, as for many people gambling online hides greater risks than real-life casinos.

This is especially true with mobile casinos, which can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Playing at a desktop machine can also prove to be more addictive than going to a brick-and-mortar casino, as the gambler is isolated in the comfort of his or her home.

The solitude removes potential social or peer pressure to limit gambling with excessive amounts, and the added comfort facilitates longer sessions at the casino. Tiredness is a big contributor to bad calls and losing streaks.

In reality, all licensed online casinos in the UK feature a word about responsible gaming. Some highlight it stronger than others, though.

Luckily, there are charity organization like GamCare, BeGabmleAware and BigDeal where help can be found.

They work with individuals, offering personal counselling and sound advice how to tackle the issue, but also collaborate closely with the gambling industry in effort to implement the best and safest practices.

Gaming Technology and Security

Online casinos are only as good as the interactive experience they can deliver. They rely on dedicated developers, who specialise in gambling software and applications.

Sadly, the internet can be a tremendously tricky place, especially when money is involved.

Having a well-known and established software manufacturer guarantees a seamless and secure experience.

On our ongoing hunt for the best UK online casinos, we compare the sheer performance of their platforms: speed, reliability, user interface, visual and sound effects, size of the platform, time for installation and launch and, of course, its security.

Most of the best casinos use their applications for handling transactions and for managing personal data, making the app security a crucial factor on many levels.

The most popular casino software developers are Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming, with IGT and NextGen following closely behind.

  • Playtech – one of the best software casino developers, Playtech boasts an impressive portfolio. Not so much in terms of quantity, but the quality of the games is nothing short of stunning. Graphics and sound blend to perfection to create a truly engulfing gaming atmosphere. Throw in the mix extended transaction history, reward systems and great jackpots, and you get one of the most comprehensive and well-executed casino software there is.
  • NetEnt – Speed and efficiency are the trademarks of NetEnt software. Bustling with innovative game features, the applications developed by the Swedish company run smoothly, load in an instant and provide an immersive gaming experience. Often, the players can try their browser-based casino games before installing the app.
  • Microgaming – the undisputable king of online slots, Microgaming is probably the most well-known casino software developer. With over 20 years of expertise, they provide Flash-based versions of some of the games, but it is their downloadable application that really sets them apart. One of the frontrunners in terms of player protection and fair play, Microgaming are a textbook example how good business practices and innovative solutions can take you to the top and keep you there.

Reliable gaming technology is, indeed, a key contributor in the making or breaking of any online casino.

This being said, many casinos can be enjoyed directly through a web browser, without downloading any applications.

The browser experience is usually a bit slower. It could be considered slightly less secure as well because most web browsers are susceptible to malware, which has nothing to do with the casinos but rather with the end user.

The next sections discuss game variety and payout rates of some of the most popular UK casinos. Both things are related to the technology, as software providers tend to encode payout rates and jackpots in their games.

Still, even with the same software use, they tend to vary among the best online casinos, UK based or otherwise.

Game Variety

There are many online casino games, but the most common ones are slots, roulette, Black Jack, baccarat and poker.

Beyond doubt, the slots present the greatest variety, with some software manufacturers approaching quadruple digits of different slot machines.

Most of the best online casino sites provide several hundred different games, with the vast majority of them being virtual slots.

We test the most popular among them before moving to roulette, which is another game perfectly adapted to the digital world.

All sorts of card games are also very entertaining and popular in practically all UK casinos.

However, the greatest attraction is another.

Have you heard of the online casino live games?

Extremely engaging and interactive, they could convey the feeling you are at a real-life casino masterfully.

All you need to access them is a web browser.

Most casino games online run smoothly at moderate internet connection, but the live ones require good bandwidth because you’d be watching a live stream from the casino, making bets at the same time.

We consider the quality of live games in the final verdict, as they, when executed well, add a different dimension to the online gambling.

Top 3 Online Casinos, UK – Live Games

  • Party Casino – excellent variety of games to pick from, with very attentive and experienced dealers. The interface is fantastic, with many custom settings, different stream quality levels and other perks.
  • William Hill Casino – staggering variety of online games, presented by great dealers. The live game interface could be a bit quicker to load, though.
  • 888 Casino – big number of games to observe, with very good dealers. The live game interface loads in reasonable times and the camera options are very good, allowing you to observe the game from different, well-selected angles.

Payouts and Percentages

RTP or Return to Player is used to qunatify the winning chance of the player.

For instance, a payout rate of 95% means that for every $100 betted, the end user can expect $95 return.

The Top 20 online casinos in UK typically have RTP above 95%, as this is one of the factors we use in our evaluations. An important thing to notice is that different games have different RTP rates which vary from month to month, too.

eCogra is the organisation that audits most UK casinos to ensure the integrity of the software used and to measure the RTP. There are detailed reports on their page on the casinos they monitor.

There is the occasional UK casino not audited by eCogra, but such establishments often publish the payout rates on their websites and mention who does their audits.

Top 3 Online Casinos, UK – Payouts

  • 888 Casino – with payout rate steadily above 96,5% for all games, 888 Casino is particularly generous with its baccarat and slots, which often surpass 98% RTP.
  • Betway Casino – Betway overall payout rates hover around 96%, but table and poker games regularly exceed 98%.
  • William Hill Casino – their slot payouts are only 95%, but the overall payout rate approaches 97%, with all card games, poker included, being steadily above 98%.

Payment Options

Being able to deposit and, especially, withdraw money is an integral part of any online gambling activity.

While most casinos advertise a great variety of payment methods, usually not all of them can be used for withdrawal.

You have to be prepared to present a proof of identity when withdrawing for the first time. Some casinos request papers every time.

Typically, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill are the fastest way to get your cash out of the casino, but bank cards also work reasonably quickly.

When evaluating the payment options, we take into account their number, but also the time it takes to process withdrawals. Arguably, the latter is the more important of the two.

Top 3 Online Casinos, UK – Payment Options

  • redbet – All popular payment methods are available for depositing, and most of them are supported for withdrawals too. The waiting times are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Royal Panda – even though the payment options are not the most diverse, the basics are covered and the time for withdrawals is very short, which makes Royal Panda a reliable and efficient choice.
  • Betsafe – supporting only Visa and bank transfer among the more traditional payment methods, Betsafe has virtually all online options: e-cards and many e-wallets. The waiting time is 2-5 days when banks are involved and non-existent when using digital transfers


Now we are talking.

No deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, weekly promotions and many other ways to keep your casino wallet healthy and primed for more action.

Finding the best online casino bonuses in the UK is a tall order.

There are so many and so diverse ways to attract new players. There is the occasional online casino no deposit bonus, but the standard among all casino sites are free spins and welcome bonuses.

Indeed, limited as they may be, the online casinos where no deposit is required practically enable you to gamble online for real money for free. There can be no doubt, this is the sweetest online casino bonus.

Many people wonder whether these few generous online casinos with free bonus, no deposit required, allow the player to keep the winnings. It depends on the terms of service, but generally you’d be able to withdraw after a certain amount is accumulated.

Free spins and deposit bonuses are much more common, though. At some casino sites free spins can be claimed for weeks and months, if you play regularly.

Others have excellent deposit bonus schemes, allowing you to gain more than £1000 when charging your casino bank.

Online casinos with no deposit bonuses and free spins can give you a really good idea about the quality of the experience that awaits you. 

Without further ado, let’s try to find the most lucrative online casino bonus.

For the purpose, we have ranked casino sites in three categories, starting with the biggest deposit bonuses, going through the few casino sites with free signup bonus and finishing with the most free spins you can claim.

Keep in mind that many casinos often offer a combination of these types of bonuses, which influences the overall attractiveness for new players. An online casino with no deposit bonus can have a meagre deposit bonus, making it a rather poor choice.

Top 3 Online Casinos, UK – Deposit Bonus

  • Leo Vegas Casino – their £1600 deposit bonus is among the highest available. Four deposits are needed to claim it in its entirety. You can also enjoy 100 free spins.
  • PlayFrank – £1000 reimburse newcomers for their initial deposits. Paired with 100 free spins, this package is a good combo.
  • Ladbrokes Casino – £300 might not sound like much compared to the previous entries, but they are at 300% deposit bonus rate. There is a £10 no deposit bonus too.

Top 3 Online Casinos – No Deposit Bonus

  • 888 Casino – true to its name, 888 Casino offers up to £888 no deposit bonus, making it easily the UK online casino with the best no deposit bonus.
  • 32Red Casino – the somewhat standard £10 no deposit bonus is supported by a healthy £160 deposit bonus, given at 320% rate. Sweet.
  • Sky Vegas Casino – here is an interesting offer: get £10 no deposit bonus, then deposit £10 more and multiply them to £50 with their 400% deposit bonus.

Top 3 Online Casinos – Free Spins

  • Leo Vegas Casino – we just have to mention the 100 free spins and the staggering £1600 deposit bonuses. It is just too good a combo to miss.
  • Mr. Smith Casino – 300 free spins and £300 in deposit bonuses can certainly make you go “Woof!”. Three deposits would be needed to reap these rewards.
  • redbet – 150 free spins and £200 in deposit bonuses can be yours, spread across three deposits.

Free spins and welcome bonuses are nice, but they are not everything. Not by a long shot.

Most UK online casinos, no deposit bonus or not, have ongoing promotions and discounts.

Make sure to check our reviews regularly not to miss out the most lucrative offers.

Customer Support

For many of us here at the level of customer support is easily the most important factor to consider.

More often than not, casinos have some sort of identity verification procedure to insure the withdrawal process is secure. This is the most frequent interaction players have with the customer support team.

Due to its nature – money is involved and sometimes it is needed urgently – this process could be quite stressful for the player. Having an understanding, knowledgeable and cooperative support team on the other end of the line is a huge advantage.

Top 3 Online Casinos, UK – Customer Support

  • Ladbrokes Casino – an established brand and one of the pivots in betting in the UK, Ladbrokes maintains high service levels.
  • 32Red Casino – friendly support team and quick resolution of mostly all issues make 32Red one of the most pleasant places to gamble.
  • Betway Casino – another well-known name, Betway Casino strives to deliver a thorough and complete experience. Their support team contributes greatly toward this goal.


The UK online gambling scene is so rich and diverse that one has to thread carefully.  At first glance, the best casino sites might be quite obvious, but you must look out for certain subtleties, which separate the truly best from the rest.

Despite the great number of renown establishments, many new gambling houses appear every day. They try to find their place under the sun, offering incredibly seductive bonuses.

Some of them use very sketchy terms of service.

Some of them are genuinely good casinos, with a lot of potential.

The competition is fierce.

That’s why conducting a thorough research before registering and testing your luck is a must, an integral part of the responsible and healthy approach toward gambling.

Read through our reviews carefully, test whichever website you find interesting and commit little by little. Finding the ideal casino site for you should be a long-term project, and the relationship should be tested and proven to work, before going all-in.


Q: How do you judge how fair is the casino software?

A: For online casinos, the Random Number Generator software used determines the outcome of the games. All reliable casinos have their software tested and regularly audited by independent organisations.

Q: How do I know if a casino is illegal?

A: Legal casinos have their license information listed at a visible place, usually at the bottom of their home page. They also have the seals of independent auditors and charity organisations, which help with gambling addiction. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the legality of the casino, check with the UK Gambling Commission.

Q: It looks like your site is focused mostly on well-known casinos. Is there any information about new UK casinos?

A: We update our reviews constantly. The search for new, promising UK casino sites never stops. Check out our latest reviews.

Q: How can I be sure that a casino would pay out when I win?

A: As long as you are not in violation in the casino’s terms of service, there should be no ground to deny you payment. Don’t hesitate contact the Gambling Commission if payment is denied for no good reason.

Q: How to improve my chance of winning?

A: Read the rules of the game, check out the odds and study the best strategies. Play in reputable casinos, which use only untampered software.

Q: Can a casino ban my account?

A: Absolutely. If you violate the terms of service, behave inappropriately or try to influence the outcome of games through illegal means the casino has all the right to ban you from accessing its services.

Q: Is it possible to play for free?

A: Yes. Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. Just register and claim them. Also, some games allow you to gamble with play money, which have no real value but enable you to test some strategies and get a feel of the game without committing.