Las Vegas VS Macau

by D.Djokic • November 21, 2020
las vegas vs. macau

When you think about going ‘all-in’ your first thought is probably Las Vegas as the capital of the casino world. Las Vegas is an entertainment packed city, perfect for those who want to experience the ultimate excitement. However, on a global stage, the situation is a bit different. It seems that ‘Sin City’ has had a strong competition in the last decade.

Casino revenues in Macau, the autonomous territory of the Republic of China, already went beyond those of Vegas. This coastal city has been a gambling hotspot for international tourists since 2002. Since then, Macau has been rapidly building some of the world’s best and biggest casinos. Considering the growing popularity of Macau, it’s not a surprise that some of the established Vegas casinos started to branch out there.

Have a look at the infographic below, designed by, to see the comparison between the two biggest gambling centres in the world.

las vegas vs macau infographic