Paddy Power’s New Game Gives Players Chance To Win €250,000

by D.Djokic • June 7, 2021
paddy power's new game gives players chance to win 250000

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has launched its brand new Beat the Drop game, offering punters the possibility to win up to €250,000 during Euro 2020. 

Both new and existing customers can participate, provided that they have accounts registered in their name and are of legal age. The 20-question game can already be accessed from Paddy Power’s promotional page and will be available until June 26, 2021.

Each player can play a one-off €250,000 game for free, and after completing it, they’ll be eligible to play a free 12-question game every day, with a daily prize pool of €1,000. 

To play the Beat the Drop game, claim your €250,000 token from the promotional page. Your mission is to keep the money; all that’s left in the pot after answering all 20 questions is yours to keep.

As for the rules, after claiming your token, choose your first fixture and the market on which you wish to place your bets and from there, either split your pot or go all the way in on the question. The same process applies to all 20 questions in line. Beat the Drop is a fixed-odds game and winnings are returned in cash.

With chances to win such a hefty sum of money, we don’t doubt that punters will love answering questions related to football betting competitions, such as the World Cup and Premier League. 

Placing bets via betting apps and online wagering, in general, are getting more and more popular in the UK, especially since the ongoing pandemic and lockdown measures have forced people to stay indoors and refrain from visiting crowded places such as brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Whether the loosening of restrictions will reverse the current trend remains to be seen.