Why Monegasques Can’t Gamble: All You Need To Know

by S.Ateljevic • August 10, 2022
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Did you know that citizens of Monaco aren’t allowed to gamble in their own country? It’s strange, but true! In this article, we’ll explore the history of gambling in this principality and why locals are banned from participating. 

To get to the bottom of why Monegasques can’t gamble, we’ll have to go back in time to see how one of the world’s favorite taboo activities came to be banned in Monaco.

After that, we’ll also take a look at online gambling laws and see if Monegasques can gamble from the comfort of their own homes. Now, let’s dive in and find out all there is to know about commercial gambling in one of the world’s smallest countries.

The History of Gambling in Monaco

Gambling has been a popular pastime in Monaco for centuries. The first documented gambling house in Monaco was built in 1856, thanks to Prince Charles III of Monaco, who granted a charter allowing it. However, it didn’t open its doors to visitors until 1861, when the whole story began. 

This casino is now one of the most famous gambling venues in the world, known as the Casino de Monte-Carlo, or simply the Monte Carlo Casino.

Throughout the years, gambling has remained an essential part of Monaco’s economy and culture. Today, visitors from all over the world come to Monaco to try their luck at the casino’s roulette tables, enjoy slots and blackjack, or master their Texas hold’em strategies.

Monaco Gambling Laws

The Principality of Monaco is well known for its luxurious casinos and gambling culture. However, what many visitors to Monaco don’t realise is that there are actually several gambling laws in place that are designed to protect both players and casino operators.

For example, all casinos in Monaco must be licensed by the government, and they are only allowed to offer certain types of games.

According to gambling laws in Monaco, if you wish to gamble, you must first obtain a special permit from the government. These permits are only given to foreign nationals who can prove they have enough money to cover their losses. 

In addition, all winnings are subject to a withholding tax, which means that players can’t simply walk away with their profits. Also, all casino visitors must be at least 18 years of age and are only allowed to stay in the casino for a maximum of two hours per day.

These laws may seem strict, but they help to ensure that everyone who gambles in Monaco does so safely and responsibly. Now, here’s the most unusual part of Monaco’s gambling laws…

Why Monegasques Can’t Gamble

We already know that Monegasque people are not allowed to gamble in the principality. Given that they only make up 21.6% of all the residents of Monaco and are outnumbered by French nationals, the fact that they can’t gamble either seems harsh. 

The reason for this ban is twofold. First, the government wants to protect Monegasques from getting into debt. The main goal is to attract wealthy gambling enthusiasts from foreign countries while preventing locals from spending their money on gambling. Second, the government wants to prevent money laundering and other criminal activities that could be associated with gambling.

So, if you’re a citizen of Monaco and you want to gamble in a casino, you’ll have to do so in another country.

Can Monegasques Gamble Online?

Now that we’ve explored the history of gambling in Monaco and taken a look at the gambling laws that are in place, you may be wondering whether Monegasques can enjoy online gambling.

The good news is that, yes, they can! Monegasques are allowed to gamble at foreign-based online casinos. And since around 26% of the global population gambles online, that’s not such a bad deal at all.

So, although they can’t enjoy a real brick-and-mortar gambling experience in their own country, citizens of Monaco can still get their fix by gambling online at one of the many casino websites. And who knows, maybe one day the laws will change and gambling prohibition for citizens of Monaco will become a thing of the past.

Dress Code at Monaco Casinos

Most casinos in Monaco have a strict dress code. When it comes to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, men are required to wear a jacket after 7 pm. If they don’t have one, they can buy or rent one from the casino. 

On the other hand, women are required to dress elegantly, but there is no specific dress code. In general, it’s best to avoid anything too casual or revealing. 

The reason behind this dress code is to maintain the luxurious atmosphere of the casino. Even though citizens of Monaco can’t gamble, Monaco is one of the most popular gambling destinations worldwide, and the casinos are one of its main attractions. Monaco’s image of being a wealthy and glamorous place is a powerful one.

Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing in Monaco Casinos

There are some things that you should avoid doing if you want to have a good time in Monaco’s casinos. One of the most important things is to not take photos inside the casino. Taking pictures is strictly forbidden, and you’ll be asked to delete those photos if you’re caught.

Another thing to avoid is being too drunk. The casinos will serve you free drinks, but they expect you to know your limit. If you’re stumbling around and causing a scene, security will ask you to leave.

Also, whatever you do, don’t try to cheat. In Monaco, the gambling industry is built on very strict laws against cheating, and you’ll be arrested and prosecuted if caught. According to local law, cheating includes things like card counting, collusion, marked cards, and other forms of deception.

So long as you follow these simple rules, you should have no problem enjoying your time in Monaco’s casinos. Just remember to dress nicely, mind your manners, and know your limits. And most importantly, have fun!

Bottom Line

So, there you have it – the answer to the question: “Are Monegasque allowed to gamble?” 

The Principality of Monaco is a fascinating place with a long and complicated history when it comes to gambling. And while the laws may seem unfair to locals, it’s important to remember that they are in place for a reason. 

If you’re ever in Monaco, be sure to take advantage of the many other activities the city has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!


Is card counting illegal in Monte-Carlo?

Yes, it is illegal to use the famous blackjack strategy of counting cards while gambling at the Monte Carlo Casino. If you get caught counting cards at one of Monaco’s casinos, you’ll be asked to leave and may be banned from returning.

What is the legal gambling age in the Casino de Monte-Carlo?

The legal gambling age in the Casino de Monte-Carlo is 18. You’ll be required to present a form of valid ID if you wish to enter any Monaco casino to gamble.

Can you wear sneakers in Monaco?

You can wear sneakers in Monaco. However, if you’re visiting one of the casinos during the evening hours, you’ll be required to wear more formal clothing.

Can Monegasques enter Monaco’s casinos?

Unfortunately, due to strict regulations, Monegasques can’t gamble in Monaco. Moreover, they’re not even allowed to enter casino premises.